Repairs + Resizing


We understand that accidents can happen, and we are here to help you if they do. If you are needing a jewellery repair, please contact us via our contact us page. Depending on the nature of the repair, and if your item is still under our two year warranty, a repair fee may be incurred. Please visit our warranty & return policy for further information about our warranty inclusions and exclusions. For a repair to be made, we require your piece to be sent to us via tracked mail, where it will undergo the appropriate repairs (this may take a 2-3 weeks depending on the nature of the service), before we mail it back out to you.


Rings: While most of our rings can be resized, certain ring designs may not be resizable. Please contact us to discuss resizing your ring. We offer free resizing for rings within 30 days of receipt, however rings that have been received over 30 days ago will incur a resizing fee. Resizing may take 2-3 weeks and will require the ring being mailed back to us. Please note that if items are sent to us without adequate protection, we may refuse to work on the piece, and we do not take responsibility for the damage of goods as a result of poor packaging. We request that all items be mailed to us in a box with adequate protection and full tracking. If an item is sent to us without tracking, we will not take responsibility if the package is lost in transit.